Instant Pot Baby Food Overview

I knew I wanted to make Hudson’s baby food. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to do it, but I knew I wanted to. After a little internet searching and some good books, I’ve successfully made all of the food he’s eaten for two months.

It should be said that I was (and still am) very interested in Baby Led Weaning. Hudson’s always been really strong and mobile, and has shown interest in food for a long time. He’s been able to sit without support since he was about five and a half months old. He’s able to grab things really well. I’m doing a somewhat “hybrid” form of Baby Led Weaning, and it’s working well for us. I’m making all of the purees that he’s eating in addition to any food he’s eating in its normal state.

Hudson eating carrots and avocado at 6 months.

If you want to make your own baby food and you have an Instant Pot, you pretty much have everything you need! The only other thing I use regularly is my Ninja blender or an immersion blender depending on what type of food it is.

If you don’t have an Instant Pot, I could give you about a million reasons why you need one, but that’s for another time.


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Just some things to know before starting:

  1. I usually make a bunch of food once, and store the food in these little Ball jars. I found them at Walmart, but they’re available on Amazon and Target as well. They clean SO easily and keep the food fresh for up to three months in the freezer.
  2. I am OBSESSED with my silicon trivet for the Instant Pot. The one that comes with the pot works fine, but it’s hot to the touch when things are done cooking. Not the silicon one! It’s awesome for my weekly boiled eggs because I can cook and pick up right away. I don’t lose any eggs because it kind of folds up around them. You need one!
  3. Things are HOT when they come out of the Instant Pot, and it takes most things a while to cool down. If you put the hot, cooked food right into the Ninja blender, it’ll bubble up quite a bit and make a much bigger mess than you were already making. To avoid this, I usually cook something, put it in a bowl to rest for a bit, add something else into the Instant Pot, label the jars I’m about to pour into, and then blend the food that’s been resting. I use my favorite mixing bowls for this step (and if I’m using the immersion blender).
  4. I started with individual foods for Hudson and gave him that same food for three days. I started with sweet potatoes for three days. When he had no sign of allergy at all, I added in apples. He only had sweet potatoes and apples then for the next three days, so on and so forth. I’ve never noticed an adverse reaction to any food I’ve given him, but I felt like it was better to be safe than sorry.
  5. I use bone broth almost always as the liquid in the Instant Pot, and then I use it to get the puree to the desired consistency. If I don’t have bone broth on hand, I just use water.
    • You can read about the benefits of bone broth for babies here, here, and here.
  6. You don’t have to do everything! If it feels overwhelming, I’d start with something simple like carrots or peas that require little prep work.
  7. I find that I’m doing a big baby-food-prep-day about once a month as long as I plan a lot of purees at once.
  8. See my go-to puree recipes here!

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